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Yoga practitioner & instructor. She did her yoga teacher training in November 2009 en Centered Yoga Thailand. She has given more then 400 classes in English, Spanish and Bulgarian. She started a yoga group in Barcelona in 2009 and manages all its activities. She's given various classes and substitutions in yoga schools Yoga Bindu, Link yoga, Kannon Gyo, BeYoga, Hohm yoga and gyms Metropolitan, Arsenal, as well as few private classes and classes outdoors with family and friends.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Beyond the physical benefits...

     Beyond the mere physical benefits, the style of yoga I've chosen serves me well because...
     I've been able to achieve deeper concentration, having space to deal with the difficulties in my practice, face challenges and resolve physical and emotional issues (or at least become aware of them), notice the patterns of thoughts, behaviour, catch myself getting distracted, getting competitive.
     Being able to work with a close attention on the breath. Getting a feel of the energy movements and the more subtle aspects of the practice.

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